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Ring Bolts

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9. Rear JK Dana 44 ring gears have one or two bolt hole sizes machined in the back of the gear. Our G2 ring gear came with holes for both 7⁄16-20 bolts and 1⁄2-20 bolts. The ARB Air Locker that we are using for this build is for regular non-JK 35-spline Dana 44 3.73 and down (RD 147). This carrier and old-school Dana 44 ring gears use puny 3⁄8-24 bolts. Dynatrac machines out the small bolt holes (shown here) in the ARB so that they can then use the larger and stronger 1⁄2-20 bolts. The JK ring gear is very thick, so it works with the high-speed or 3.73 and down non-JK Dana 44 carrier.