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GT Performance Steering Wheel - Better Grip On The Road

Gt Performance Steering Wheel
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted January 10, 2014

More Control, Classic Look, and Completely Quick & Affordable

Want to improve your driving experience in your older non-air bag truck or 4x4? Swap out the old factory wheel for a new competition-style steering wheel. Aftermarket steering wheels like this one from GT Performance often have a smaller diameter and usually a thicker wheel. The thicker wheel allows you to get a better grip on the steering wheel, especially for large-handed individuals. The smaller diameter requires less arm movement for the same steering action. But there is a point where the wheel is too small (no need to go handcuff friendly), and you will lose too much mechanical advantage, making the wheel harder to turn.

That's why we chose this 15-inch diameter Competition Style symmetrical steering wheel with a foam grip from GT Performance. Well, that, and we liked the design of it. Besides giving you a little more control of your older ride, a new GT steering wheel can really freshen up an interior look that might otherwise be diminished with some skanky old wheel.

Step By Step

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  • We liked the look of GT Performance’s Competition Style 15-inch-diameter steering wheel with the foam grip. The polished spokes combined with the simple foam grip has a timeless look that will look great on a classic truck. There is also an option for a polished horn and a steering wheel adapter.

  • We chose a billet GT Performance steering wheel adapter that fits the shafts splines of our ’80s GMC truck It has the holes and wires to retain the horn function.

  • Unless a steering wheel has recently been taken off, you’re going to need a puller kit to pop the old steering wheel off the splines of the steering column’s shaft.

  • The polished horn button bolts onto the adapter along with the steering wheel. Installation consists of three bolts and two wires. The total install time was 20 minutes, but the time can be longer if your old steering wheel doesn’t come off easily.


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