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Currie Ez Deflator

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What: Currie E-Z DeflatorUsing It: While seemingly awkward at first, once you spend 10 seconds to figure it out, it's super simple and really user-friendly. There are three knurled knobs. Begin by spinning the middle knob clockwise to attach the deflator to the valve stem. Then spin the outer knob counterclockwise to unscrew the valve core. Pull the stem out to remove the valve core from the valve stem. Finally, pull the fat inner knob to remove pressure. The whole procedure takes a few seconds to accomplish and the tool's design traps the valve core, ensuring it won't go flying when removed. You can watch the gauge to monitor the pressure in real time as you air down. Then push the stem back in and screw the outer knob clockwise to replace the valve core.Highs: Quality, accurate gauge included; inexpensive for quality of product; fast air down timesLows: Little awkward to use first timePrice: $30 (each)Get It: Rock Jock Professional Off-Road Products, 714/982-5300,