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What: Teraflex Air DeflatorUsing It: The Teraflex Air Deflator is as dirt simple as using a rock for a hammer. There are four little deflator caps that screw into a keychain-type holder so you've always got 'em with you. Simply unscrew the deflator from the keychain pendant and screw it onto the valve stem. The deflators aren't adjustable; there's just a hole that lets the air out. By the time you've walked around the vehicle and screwed a deflator to each tire, the one you started with is pretty much ready to go. You can also put a pressure gauge on the deflators' ends so you don't need to remove them to check pressure. When your tires are at the pressure you want, remove the deflators and reassemble them on your keychain.Highs: Simple to use; convenient to carry; extremely affordable; nice, solid feelLows: Don't automatically shut off; if you get distracted or hung up you can let all the air out of your tiresPrice: $10 (set of 4)Get It: Teraflex, 801/288-2585,