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What: 4Air Tire Inflator/Deflator SystemUsing It: The 4Air (also available in a two-tire version called 2Air) comes in small (up to 90-inch wheelbase), medium (up to 110-inch wheelbase), and large (up to 130-inch wheelbase). The company sent us its top-of-the-line unit, the 4Air large system with its extreme-duty hose, optional pressure gauge, and clipless valve stem chucks (clip-on European-style chucks also shown in photo). It all came in a handy storage bag. Start by laying the hose out to each corner and connecting the chucks to the tire valve stems. Then, use the control valve on the center manifold to release air from all four tires at once. The unit will deflate or can be used to inflate all four tires to the exact same pressure. If you want the front or rears at a different pressure, disconnect those tires and keep filling/deflating the other two.Highs: Quality hose; nice quick disconnect fitting for airing up; optional gauge allows watching pressure change in real timeLows: Takes up a lot of space; expensive; setting up or putting away unit takes as long as air down time.Price: $105 (4Air Deflator); $30 (extreme-duty hose upgrade); $10 (clipless chucks); $25 (air gauge); $20 (carrying bag); Total as tested: $190Get It: 4Crawler Offroad,408/247-0422,