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Mini Monsters

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What: Mini MonstersUsing It: Shown at the 3 o'clock position in the photo, the Mini Monster deflators install in your rims 180 degrees from your current valve stems. You drill a 7/16-inch hole in your rim, then use a 1/4-inch NPT tap before screwing them in. Once installed, the Mini Monsters allow quick deflation with the simple twist of the brass knob. Twisting counterclockwise opens the valve up and clockwise closes the valve. We highly recommend one of Advanced Air's Hands Free clip-on tire pressure gauges so you can monitor air pressure drop in real time. Then, when your tire is at the right pressure, close the valve.Highs: Super simple to operate; high-quality brass construction; when used with gauge makes monitoring pressure drop quick and easyLows: Installation requires drilling and tapping wheels Price: $25 (set of 5); $40 (Hands Free gauge); $40 (1/4-inch NPT Tap); Total as tested: $105Get It: Advanced Air Systems,209/366-2163,