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What: Trailhead Automatic Tire DeflatorUsing It: The Trailhead deflators are 100 percent made in the USA and offer a no-questions lifetime warranty-even if you found 'em in a riverbed, the company will replace 'em with no questions asked. They're available in either 15 psi to 40 psi or 5 psi to 20 psi versions. Inside the leather carrying pouch, the kit comes with four adjustable deflators, an Allen wrench, a low pressure gauge, a laminated instruction card, and a tire deflator guide. Initial setup is pretty simple. You spin the deflators to the valve stem and use the supplied Allen wrench to adjust the pressure. Tightening the screw raises the deflation pressure and loosening it lowers the deflation pressure. On our low pressure models, one full turn of the screw equates to a 1.5 psi increase or decrease. Once the deflators are set, simply screw them onto the valve stems and forget them. You can drive the whole trail with them and then take them off for airing up.Highs: Killer warranty; good quality vs. value; setup not difficult; easy to useLows: Initial setup takes a few minutesPrice: $60 (per kit)Get It: Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators, 800/725-0478,