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Easy Clutching Or StallingIf you're having an automatic tranny built, resist the urge to slap in a drag race torque convertor. They stall at a higher rpm, so by the time your Jeep gets moving, it's putting more power to the ground at a higher engine rpm that will be harder to control. Likewise, if you've got a manual transmission, try to resist revving the engine and dumping the clutch. All you'll wind up doing is scoring your flywheel, burning up your clutch disc, and violently jerking the tires loose on the terrain. Steady, smooth throttle inputs are what's needed. For an auto, that means a low stall that will get the vehicle moving at lower engine rpms. Manual transmissions don't have the buffer zone afforded by the torque convertor, so the overall low range gearing should be a good match for what you're doing. Otherwise, finesse and tire control goes out the window.