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Rolled Jeep Recovery Tips - Yank, Strap, Winch

Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted July 1, 2009

Recovery Stuff Simplified

Getting stuck, breaking down, or even surviving a rollover off-road isn't the end of the world providing nobody is harmed. So when your progress is impeded for whatever reason, it's important to keep your head about you and remember a few simple rules.

1-Stay Safe
2-Assess the Situation
3-Take Your Time
4-Work Slowly and Calmly

With these simple basics, you can apply recovery techniques to pretty much any off-road mishap. Sure, the mechanics of your recovery will vary from situation-to-situation, but if you've familiarized yourself with some basic recovery tools, chances are you and your buddies can weasel your way out of any sticky situation.


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