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April 2011 Your Jeep

Coil Sprung Sundries
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted April 1, 2011

Willys Mini-Starter, JK Clear-View, and Much More!

Beefy Bracket
In the story "Coil Sprung Sundries" (Nov. '10) there's a picture in the middle of the page with a heavy-duty sway bar bracket. Was this custom made or can you buy them somewhere? I need two for the setup I'm running.
Jim Migielski
Carlsbad, NM
If you're talking about the bracket welded to the axle housing, I believe that's a Rubicon Express bracket for a TJ/XJ application.

JK Clear-View
I can't seem to find any aftermarket wipers for my '07 Rubicon, like the new PIAAs listed in the Jan. '11 issue. I have looked and looked and can't locate any at all in the correct 15-inch size. Everyone with decent wipers starts at 16-inch sizes. Why is that? Please direct me to something that will help me see clearly again
Wayne Simer
Pflugerville, TX

Editor Cappa replies, Try the Trailblade from Rampage Products (951/277-4949,

Willys Mini-Starter
Just bought a '53 CJ-3A with Go-Devil engine and I need to find a starter. I took the old starter to a rebuild shop and they can't find an armature for it. Are there any starters that might be used in its place? The Jeep has been converted to a 12-volt system already.
Steve Bowen
Via email

You can use the starter from a '64-'83 Toyota 4.2L, Nippondenso PN 02800-2362/4. It's a very compact 12-volt unit and has the same bolt pattern as the original L-head starter.

Some bolt right on with no issues. Some require very gentle grinding of the aluminum starter case (just the protrusive nub around the armature gear) to fit flush with the bellhousing. Or, you may have to do some very minor elongation of the mounting bolt hole(s). Either modification could be performed with a flat or round hand file. The Toyota is a good high-torque alternative to a remanufactured L-head part, which was originally designed to work with the Willy's 6-volt system. The Nippondenso will have a 9-tooth gear while the original is a 10-tooth, but the teeth will still mesh with the flywheel. It's only a difference of the starter's gear ratio.

Dakota Bells
Just a quick question: is there a reason you went with the Advance Adapters conversion plate to hook up the AX15 to your 2.5L as opposed to using the Dodge Dakota bellhousing?
Greg Williams
Via email

On the whole, I find the Dakota bellhousing is kind of hard to come by in some areas. I looked for a while but couldn't locate one for myself nearby. I did find two in the Midwest and one on the east coast, but the sellers wanted half of what the Advance Adapters kit cost and then I'd still need to convert to an external throwout bearing setup. True, it's a much better setup, but it adds even more money to the "junkyard" conversion. Plus, I haven't had good luck in the past buying drivetrain components and having them shipped. I almost always receive damaged goods. In the end, using Advance Adapters for my story just covers a wider range of people since anybody can buy a kit for their 2.5L Wrangler or Cherokee, no matter where they are.

Full-Size Building
I need help with some project planning on my '79 Wagoneer. Right now it has 4-inch lift, 35-inch BFG MTs with a Lock-Rite in the rear, 360 engine, TH400 tranny, and Quadra-Trac T-case. I have a limited budget so I'm trying to do it one step at a time. I'd like to start with a part-time T-case. I think my only option without changing to a centered rear diff is to run a Spicer 18. Would that be strong enough for this size truck used for trails up and moderate rock crawling in Arizona? If the Spicer 18 isn't strong enough then my next choice is a NP205 and rear diff upgrade to a Dana 60. I think a rear diff from a J20 with a Dana 20 T-case would be close to a bolt-in. I also am going to change from 3.54 to 4.56 gears, so it seems like my T-case will determine if I change gears in the Dana 44 or upgrade to Dana 60. Once I figure that out does the Quadra-Trac TH400 have a 10-spline output shaft and is it the same as a four-speed NP205? Thanks for any help.
Chuck Croegaert
Phoenix, AZ

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