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Building A Jeep To Adventure Way Out

Jeep Front Three Quarter
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted June 1, 2011

Jeep Adventure!

Adventure. Expedition. Car camping. Call it whatever you want, some of us have been want, some of us have been doing it since before there were words coined for it. After a crazy week at work, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with people anymore. While it’s a great feeling to get out into the wilderness, going to well-established campsites sometimes just doesn’t count as getting away. Sometimes you just need to go further, where there are no other people.

It would be cool to just pick up the old backpack and go, but with only a weekend to do it in, you just can’t get that far away on your own two feet. That’s where the Jeep comes in. By driving, you can get as far away as you want. With your Jeep underneath you acting as your pack mule, you can carry more supplies than is possible on two feet. That allows you to take more gear, which in turn leads to a more comfortable escape.

Using the Jeep to get out to where there are no people can lead to other important issues. You have to be self-reliant. Even if you go with friends (which you should), you can’t depend on them to have the parts or tools you might need. So from food and water to parts and tools, you need to take it all with youyet you don’t want to take so much as to overload your trusty steed. It’s a fine line between not having enough and getting stranded and taking so much that your Jeep’s headlights point at the sky. It’s a fine line, but not impossible to figure out, and the more you go out, the more you will learn what you need or don’t need for your particular Jeep situation. In the meantime, here is a primer on what you need to think about taking with you.


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