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Windshield Bar Installed

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The rest of the cage can be built without use of the bender, although we bent the front ends of our A-to B-pillar spreaders to add a little spice. It seems easy to cut a length of tubing and notch it to fit, right? Not necessarily. You can still waste lots of tubing if you make your notches too deep or misaligned. The cost of our DIY front cage kit is hard to estimate. We used about 20 feet of tubing, one full day, and an old JD Squared Bender which sells used for $500 to $700. We also used a chop saw, grinder, and tubing notcher. Was it worth our time? Yeah, we work at Jp magazine and like building stuff. Would it be worth your time? That depends on how much you like custom fab work and how valuable your time is to you.