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Trailer Medic

Flat Trailer
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted November 1, 2012

Tips for trouble-free towing

We hear ya groaning out there. You just asked yourself, “What’s a story about trailer maintenance doing in a magazine about Jeeps?” Aside from the obvious fact that a trailer extends your junky Jeep jalopy’s geographic range, a trailer is often necessary to drag that new project home in the first place. We can’t count how many non-running, otherwise-immobile pieces of Toledo yard art were given a new lease on life after getting winched atop the 7,000lb trailer used in this story.

Okay, we counted: 13 old Jeeps were rescued and rejuvenated in the past 10 years because of this trailer. But like anything, time, weather, and mileage take their toll, and our junk Jeep chariot was suffering from some issues. Current trailer owners can hopefully pick up a tip or two from these pages. And if you’re shopping for a used trailer, don’t let some of these issues dissuade you from an otherwise good score.


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