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154 1301 02 Keep Your Stuff Tuffy Clove Box Installed In Jeep Wrangler
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted January 1, 2013

Locking Console And Glove Box Install

Jeeps are awesome. We can probably all agree on that. Thieves suck. We can probably all agree on that, too. So when the warm weather appears and we get that itch to pull our top and doors, we also get that queasy feeling about leaving our Jeep anywhere because we never know what might be left in it when we come back.

After a few years of playing that game, we decided to strike back. But we didn’t want to spend all of our top-down weather designing and fabricating a better thief-trap. We wanted to secure our stuff quickly with time left to get out there and enjoy the weather. So, we turned to Tuffy Security Products. The company has been building all kinds of secure solutions for Jeeps for years now. In addition to years of experience with fitment, the company has many finish options to match just about any Jeep interior. Our main areas of concern were our glove box, where we keep all of our important papers, and our floor console, where we keep basically everything else.

We ordered a console (PN 040) and glove box (PN 049), both in Dark Slate to match the interior of our ’06 Wrangler test mule. The goal was to get them both installed Friday after work so that we could spend the weekend topless (the Jeep, not us) and enjoy piece of mind (from thieves, not from us being shirtless) for years to come.


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If we had a manual transmission, we’d be done by the time we got here. But thanks to our automatic transmission and its more precise gear selection indicator rather than a shifter boot, we had to tweak the front console half. The console gear shift opening was too far to the passenger side and we weren’t able to easily shift the Jeep. The fix didn’t require drilling, but we did end up stacking five washers (arrow) to space the console so that we were able to install the selector.

Tools Required

  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Console:

    • 10mm socket and ratchet or nutdriver
    • 10mm wrench
    • T30 Torx
    • Drill and 3⁄8-inch-diameter drill bit
    • 1⁄2-inch socket and ratchet
    • 1⁄2-inch combination wrench
    • 1⁄4-inch combination wrench
    • Permanent marker
    • RTV Silicone
    • Stubby #2 Phillips screwdriver
    • 1⁄8-inch Allen wrench


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