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Reseating A Blown Bead

Jeep With Blown Bead
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted June 1, 2013

How To Reseat A bead On The Trail

Properly airing down tires when going off-road is one of the best ways to gain traction, smooth out a bumpy ride, and ensure you get further down the trail than your Jeepin’ buddies running 35 psi. The danger is that if you go to too low or wheel a little too hard, you can easily pop the outer bead of your tire off the rim. That’s bad and can leave you out in the middle of nowhere if you don’t have the proper tools and know-how to deal with it. We recently spent some time intentionally trying to pop our tires off the bead, but for whatever reason, it was difficult to do. Being stubborn fools, we eventually got the bead popped off our 35x12.50R15 Pro Comp Xtreme MT2s mounted on older Weld forged aluminum 15x8 wheels. We’ll use this opportunity in “What Now?”— our series of articles aimed at teaching tricks of the trade to newly brainwashed Jeep nut recruits—to show you how best to safely get that bead reseated. This will help you get your Jeep back in the fun on rocks, dirt, mud, or sand.


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