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Heavy-Duty Custom Steering Built For Abuse

Front Suspension Shot
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted July 1, 2013

Steering Input

Steering…it’s more than just a good idea. With every passing day that goes as planned we spend at least a little time behind the wheel of a Jeep. The steering wheel is our direct mechanical connection to where we are going and how we choose to get there. Both on-road, as you are hurtling past that concrete pylon, or off-road, while putting over your favorite trail, you want your Jeep’s steering to function and function with precision. Steering corrections are more than a mere suggestion; they keep you moving forward on the trail and help avoid countless collisions while on the road. Good steering components are critical especially on Jeeps with large tires that get used hard off-road and are still expected to drive controllably and safely down the road.

For years Jeepers have been standing at the parts store in hopes that the counter guy would humor a piecemeal search, tracking down 3⁄4- or 1-ton steering parts to use in custom-built steering systems. Once the parts have been gathered you still had to design the system and track down tubing, massive and expensive taps to thread the tubing. Also while the tie-rod ends you tracked down are strong they are not necessarily designed for off-road abuse. Luckily for us, Synergy recently took on the task of building heavy-duty steering components. The result is a dedicated heavy-duty tie-rod end designed for use on Jeeps and rock crawlers. Add in Synergy’s cut-to-length heat treated chromoly tubing, weld-in tube adapters, and nifty double adjuster tube adapters and you can easily build a heavy-duty steering system for your Jeep…and it will be stronger than any piecemeal parts store-assembled 1-ton steering setup. Follow along as we build a custom heavy-duty steering system for our ’49 Willys using Synergy’s new heavy-duty tie-rod ends, tube adapters, and tubing. Synergy also offers prebuilt steering parts for JK, TJ, YJ, and XJ, saving you from having to go the custom-built route if you have one of these Jeeps.


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What Did the Parts Cost?
Part Number Description Quantity Price
4131L HD TRE LH thread 2 $60.00 ($30.00 ea)
4131R HD TRE RH thread 2 $60.00 ($30.00 ea)
3502-36 13⁄8 x 0.188 x 36-inch heat-treated 4130 tubing 1 $65.00
3502-54 13⁄8 x 0.188 x 54-inch heat-treated 4130 tubing 1 $96.00
3607-10-18-R tube adapter, 7⁄8-18 RH for 1-inch ID tubing 2 $26.00 ($13.00 ea)
3620-07-18-10 Double Adjuster Tube Adapter 2 $90.00 ($45.00 ea)
Total $397.00


Synergy Manufacturing
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401