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Steer It Right - Power Steering Conversion

Steer It Right Power Steering Conversion Grinding On Jeep Frame
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted July 1, 2013
Photographers: Melissa Howard

Easing Jeep Steering

Old Jeep steering systems are replete with problems. Whether the systems have way more joints than a modern steering setup or they have no power assist. One leads to slop and a half-a-turn on the steering wheel before the Jeep goes where you want it to while the other results in wrestling the wheel with bigger tires off-road. Either way, a lot of older Jeeps can benefit from a modern Saginaw power steering conversion.

When we got this ’51 CJ-3A the previous owner had the same idea about the steering. It had some good parts already in it, but there were some major issues with the execution of the conversion which could have resulted in a loss of control if we were to unleash the Jeep into the wild.

Rather than try to junkyard together some parts like the previous owner, we contacted the experts at Borgeson for some information, advice, and ultimately some parts to put the steering right in our new-to-us V-8-powered flattie.


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