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New Rhino Skin to Protect Sissy Sheetmetal

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David Kennedy
| Contributor
Posted March 1, 2001

Spray-In Bedliner

Step By Step

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  • Rhino Linings’ Tuff Stuff polyurethane will adhere to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and even concrete, but proper surface prep is necessary for best results. Here the bed of our 3/4-ton Chevy gets scuffed with a wire brush mounted on an angle grinder.

  • All surfaces that are to be coated are then wiped down with denatured alcohol to strip away any dirt, grease, or wax residue that may be left. Rust spots will need to be ground down to bare metal and any holes patched before the polyurethane coating can be applied.

  • Like all good paint jobs, 90 percent of the work is properly masking all the surfaces that you don’t want to be Rhino Lined. Here the bedrails are being masked off, but Rhino Lining can be sprayed over the rails for added protection if you like.

  • Now that it’s completely protected under paper, tape, and plastic, you can hardly tell our K2500 from that F-150 extended cab parked next to it. The spray booth at Rhino Linings Santa Fe Springs is big enough for two fullsize trucks. They have sprayed Unimogs, Hummers, and even boat trailers in the shop.

  • Clean edges are no problem with careful trimming and a sharp blade. Certain edges that can’t be trimmed like this without cutting into the paint get a special tape strip applied before the Rhino application. This wire tape permits the technician to grab an end and pull it the length of the bedrail or tailgate for a razor-sharp line.

  • On ’99-and-newer Silverados, this portion of the bed must be masked off to prevent the polyurethane material from filling the gap, which would prevent the tailgate from shutting. Each truck is sprayed differently since no two manufacturers make their beds the same. Fords are sprayed with the tailgate removed, and access panels for the latching mechanism in some tailgates are removed and sprayed separately.

  • The finished product is strong, yet flexible and works great as a nonskid surface. Rhino Linings are sprayed onto horizontal surfaces 1/4 inch thick, while vertical surfaces get 1/8-inch coverage. Experienced Rhino sprayers get consistent results every time. If you think you want to go thicker talk to your Rhino dealer about your special needs.

  • Stephen Simon at Rhino Linings Santa Fe Springs installed Bushwacker’s new Diamondback bedrail caps. These caps mount with high-bond adhesive and are available with or without stake pocket holes to provide protection to the rim of the bed. Rhino Lining could have been sprayed to cover this area instead, but we felt that the Bushwacker pieces would match the look of the truck and complement the factory tailgate guard.

  • Now that the bed is fully protected we can safely toss Dana 60s and cast-iron big-blocks in the back like we want to. Rhino Linings are available in almost any color and cure in about 30 minutes. The spray-in liner keeps tools and parts from sliding around in the bed, and it’s more comfortable to sleep on than cold, hard steel.

If you have a pickup truck, you’re going to have to haul stuff around in it. Not just your stuff but all your SUV-owning buddies’ stuff too. Drop-in bedliners or rubber mats are a good start, but if you want the maximum protection for your new truck or want to clean up the look of your seasoned workhorse, a spray-in liner is the way to go.

We contacted our local Rhino Lining dealer in Santa Fe Springs to make sure the bed in our 2000 Chevy pickup won’t look like snot in a few months. An under-the-rail liner for an 8-foot bed ranges in price from $350 to $600. Rhino can spray just about anything, and it works great for rocker panels, wheelwells, body tubs, you name it. The coating is made of solvent-free polyurethane that stands up to extreme temperature and is chemical resistant. It sets up in 30 seconds and leaves a high grip, durable, noise-deadening coating that will last a lifetime. Guaranteed.


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