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We couldn’t find any junkyard trucks newer than 1976 that didn’t have a cable-release hood latch. Our cable had broken, and we wanted to eliminate it for safety—but you may want to add one for security. Either way, the two latch designs require a different header panel. The striker on the hood also needs to be changed to match the hood-latch style. The bolt pattern on our hood was the same, so it was no big deal. We also found the external hood-latch handle was located in a different place for each grille style, which is what prevents easy swapping of ’73-’74 grilles with ’75-’76 units. The chrome trim on the header panels are removable via 3/8 nuts on the back. Strangely, the holes were drilled in different places on the ’74 unit we used, but we were able to slide the studs on the trim to make them line up properly. There are two designs of chrome trim, ’73-’78 and ’79-’80.