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Rollover Action!

Posted in How To on July 9, 2001
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Click the filmstrip icon below for video. Click the filmstrip icon below for video.

Sam Bellamy of Los Angeles got the ball rolling on our reader-submitted request for video, scoring a real life 4-Wheel & Off-Road license plate for his dramatic turn as rear-seat passenger in a Jeep that went over at Tierra del Sol. With steady hand and some kinda high-tech nighttime-compensator lens, you'll feel like you're right there with him. Everyone was fine and the Jeep survived nearly unscathed.

So how can you get some of this free plate action? Simple: If you filmed the gnarliest rollover ever recorded, we have a sick-and-twisted need to view it. In fact, our desires don’t just end with Swamper-up action--we yearn to stare at mid-flight trucks on sand, the worst sticks in mud-bog history, the entire saga of how momentum can equal an on-the-trail mend--we’re jonesing to watch it all, and we realized we can get our fix from you! Send us video of anything we mentioned above or other cool happenings, and we might just pick it as the "Clip of the Week," meaning you could score a 4-Wheel & Off-Road license plate! Interested? Follow the rules below to increase your odds of getting that coveted booty!

Do Send raw footage shot only at an event that the public was invited to.

Don't send us your only copy of the tape. Make a copy and give us that so that we'll have less guilt if it gets lost in the mail when we return it.

Do Bookend your clip with about a minute of raw footage in front of and after the key activity.

Don't Submit footage of an entire event--we want only the part you found interesting enough to think worthy of a plate. Or, you can cue it up to what we should watch. And don't throw a fit if we edit it down, add music, pop in some special effects, or include any other features we've just learned on the editing equipment.

Do Tell us the name of the event, who you are, the club you're with, the trail you're on, the conditions, what happened, the rescue--anything that sets the mood. You can intro the piece on camera, or you can write up a description with these details.

Don't Give us Quicktime movies or anything that was forwarded to you. We can work with only raw video.

Do Provide this raw material on VHS or mini-DV tape.

Don't The obvious: We don't want video of anything that resulted in death or serious injury.

Send your care package to, "Video," 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Make sure to include your name and mailing address so we'll know where to send the license plate if yours is selected!

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