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Off-Road-Friendly Paint

Posted in How To on July 1, 1999
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Photographers: The emap usa Archives

Running narrow trails and having oversized tires that kick up every passing stone is hard on your truck's paint job. What sounds like fingernails scraping a blackboard as you squeeze through some brush may be tough on your ears, but its even worse on your paint.
And that loud crack you hear when a rock is hurled from your tire, smacks your paint, and proceeds into a low-earth orbit isn't exactly good for your truck's color either. While not much short of staying off the trails can be done to prevent this kind of damage, there are ways to make your paint less susceptible to it. There are also ways to fix the damage if it does occur, without having to repaint the whole truck. Check out the sidebars below for some tips on how to keep your rig's exterior in shape.

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Chip Fix
OK, those big meats are cool, but they throw every rock they can get their hands on at your paint job. Don't ignore those chips. They make easy entrances for moisture, which causes unwanted rust. Luckily, this fix is an easy one.

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Scratch Science
If you take your vehicle off road you are going to get scratches. Besides being ugly, scratches give moisture easy access to metal, causing rust. Fixing scratches is a little more involved than fixing a paint chip.

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