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Tools For a Restoration

Posted in How To on May 23, 1998 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Courtesy of The Eastwood Co.

As any gearhead knows, tools are just too cool. And when you get to use cool tools on a Jeep, the joy can be nearly transcendant. That's the way it was when a catalog from The Eastwood Company hit our desks the other day, and, at the risk of this story sounding like an advertorial, we just had to show you the stuff that's available from Eastwood.

When you're in the middle of a Jeep restoration project, the sheetmetal rebuild can be the most difficult part, since many of us have limited experience with bodywork. Recently, when we tackled the side panels on a CJ (see "Sheetmetal Marvel," in this issue), we had no idea what to expect, but knew we could figure it out. We had a spot-weld cutout tool from Eastwood, and that made life great, but it sure would've helped if our toolboxes had had the rest of the goodies Eastwood offers.

Take a look at this brief list of just some of the stuff Eastwood has. Get the catalog before you tackle your Jeep's bodywork and maybe Eastwood tools will help you to finish the Jeep faster. Next time we do any metalwork, we know where we can get a selection of tools to help us out.

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