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Proven Diesel Power

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Trenton McGee | Writer
Posted February 1, 1999

Installing and Testing the Banks PowerPack

We've all run across performance products that are claimed to make tremendous power gains—sometimes too tremendous to believe. However, you can believe what you hear in the case of the diesel PowerPack kits from Gale Banks Engineering, specifically the kits for the Dodge Cummins turbodiesel engines. A true 114 percent increase in horsepower and 81 percent more torque are possible with simple-to-install bolt-on parts.

We couldn't resist the prospect of waking the sleeping giant under the hood of a 1997 Dodge turbodiesel, so we followed the installation of a complete PowerPack system at Gale Banks Engineering. At the end, we did a dyno-test thrash to see if we could duplicate the numbers.

As it turns out, the PowerPack system didn't just wake the sleeping giant, it made him downright mad. We suspected the Cummins turbodiesel engine was a good candidate to make serious horsepower (a version of the engine found in Dodge trucks is used to propel some 18-wheelers), and even though our test truck didn't exactly duplicate the Banks claims for reasons we'll explain later in this article, the power a few basic bolt-on parts yielded is impressive. Beyond the power gains, the quality and fit of the components are among the best we've seen, and the detailed instructions were written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Find out what it takes to install a Banks PowerPack kit in the photos and captions, and then check out the acceleration and dyno-test results.


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Gale Banks Engineering
Azusa, CA 91702
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