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Mail-Order Lift: From Your Door to the Trail

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Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted July 1, 2001
Photographers: John Cappa, Wendy Frazier

Lift It in the Desert

Step By Step

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  • Our mail order lift turned into a trail-side install. By the time everything came to our door we didn’t have enough time to install it at home.

  • We reused the 52-year-old spring pivot end bolts on three of the four springs. The one exception was where the old bolt gave into time, corrosion, and a two-foot breaker bar. For the time being an extra bolt found on the floorboards of the flattie will have to do.

  • Note to self: Wear shoes next time you grind. Hot metal burrs in toes hurt.

t’s easy to drive down to Billy-Joe Jim-Bob’s 4X4 and have him slap on a lift kit in a few days for a few large in clams if you are made of money, but for the rest of us who are contemplating bankruptcy there are a few other options. One includes a couple federal offenses like bank robbery while the other requires getting grease under your nails. After reading some mail from readers currently imprisoned in our country’s fine penal institutions (trust us on this one) we decided to go with the second option. So are we going to do another story about putting a lift on a Jeep, and blah blah blah? No! Just like you we don’t have free time spilling out of our ears, and we have just as many problems as you like getting ahold of parts, and bolts that snap instead of coming loose. So watch as we put on our lift and tires out in the desert on Friday night before the TDS Desert Safari.


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