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Jeep Hood Lifting Struts - Hood Handy

Posted in How To: Body Chassis on May 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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If you own a Jeep vehicle and like to tinker under the hood, or have something worth showing off under there, consider the Hood Lift kit for hands-free operation. The system consists of a group of small mounting brackets and a pair of pneumatic struts designed exclusively to handle the weight of the factory Jeep hood. Once installed, the setup enables you to pop up the hood with as little as one finger.

1. The owner of this rig did an impeccable job restoring the under-hood area of his '83 Jeep Scrambler. To compliment his extensive efforts, he installed a Hood Lift setup so that he wouldn't have to climb up on top of a front tire to protect the vehicle's finish when opening the hood. Check out how the installation process works.

2. First, our donor Jeep's owner, Dustin Chernoh, removed one bolt from the CJ's factory hood prop mounting plate. This allowed the new under-hood cross brace bracket to be installed using existing hardware.

4. With each of the lower strut mounts in place, Dustin turned his attention to the lower portion of the hood cross braces. Two self-tapping screws were installed to secure the lower side of the brace to the underside of the hood.

3. Next, two small brackets were added to each of the radiator support rods with the U-bolt setup shown here. This mount serves as the lower mounting position for the pneumatic strut.

5. After each of the underhood cross braces was installed, Dustin added the upper strut mounts to the new under-hood braces. Then, he simply snapped each of the pneumatic lifting struts in place as shown.


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