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Using Da Buffer On Door

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With our Power Wagon’s finish clean and dry we removed the Dual Action Polisher from its carrying bag, attached the 6 1/2-inch acrylic/twisted wool Buff Magic Pad (it uses a hook-and-loop fastening system), and went to work on our rig’s finish with the Buff Magic surface reconditioner and deoxidizer. The Dual Action Polisher eliminates the “elbow grease” needed and it did the job quicker and more thoroughly than we could have. The polisher oscillates and rotates the pad on varying orbits and the machine has six speed settings from 2,500 rpm (for waxing and buffing) to 6,500 rpm (for removing paint defects and swirls). It’s also worth noting that Buff Magic has many other uses including the restoration of plastic headlamp housings.