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Paint Job Supplies

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Some of the supplies we used for our basic single-stage paint job A. HVLP spray gun with regulator. B. Flat-faced sanding board (hand file). C. Wet-sanding sponge block. D. Body filler applicators. E. Dolly for bodywork. F. Chemical degreaser and cleaner. G. Nason paint catalyst/hardener. H. Nason paint. I. Body filler. Use good-quality body filler, not cheap stuff. J. Thinning the paint requires virgin acetone. Do not use the lacquer thinner or acetone found at a hardware store. K. Seam filler. This is a flexible, paintable material. L. Wet or dry sandpaper. You will need 36-grit up to 1,500. M. Compressor (not shown).