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I found my 300 feet of 1 3/4-inch DOM tubing at Industrial Metal Supply in Sun Valley, California, which revealed some major consideration in my tubing purchase. Buy in quantity and shop around, watch for tubing that has been stored outside for lengths of time and is possibly rusting, and remember that you not only need a good deal but you need to be able to either haul it home or get it delivered. Most tubing comes in lengths of 15 to 20 feet or so, and if you get over 100 feet the price usually starts dropping. But if you only need a little bit ask if you can look at the steel yard's remnants or drop pile where you will most likely find steel sold by the pound rather than length. Deals can be found, especially if you are patient and stop by often, but don't expect to get enough tube for a complete buggy in the remnants pile.