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Attatch Bumper

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Bolt the Hanson brackets to the framerails, set the bumper on them, and loosely bolt the two together. Using a floor jack or a buddy named Jack, raise and align the bumper to the body and tighten the bumper-to-bracket attaching bolts. At this point you might want to spray a little semi-flat paint on all the exposed body-colored sheetmetal. The Hanson bumper is designed to give you maximum clearance ahead of the front tires (which is where bigger tires usually tag the factory bumper on Grands) but this also means some structural parts, once covered by the old fascia, might be a bit too visible if they remain body colored. Some Grand Cherokees also have a charcoal canister that hangs down a bit low on the driver side that you might want to relocate up and out of harm's way.