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4x4 Truck Basic Paint Jobs - How To Paint

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Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted May 1, 2008

From Trash To Flash

If There's One Project Not Many Enthusiasts tackle, it's painting their vehicles. Most do-it-yourselfers think it's complicated and messy, and if they screw up, their work is final. While it's true that painting can be tedious and frustrating, if you follow a few simple steps and basic rules you could possibly crank out a basic paint job your friends will envy.

A garage paint job will turn out as well as the amount of effort you put into it. We're not talking about a showstopping paint job here (which of course you can achieve with some work); we're talking about a good, quality paint job you can do yourself, even if you have never painted a 4x4 before. think of it this way: you paid a nominal amount for that old rig in your garage; do you really want to spend thousands for a halfway decent paint job? Heck, have some fun and do it yourself!

Let us put a home paint job in perspective for you. Depending on your skills and ambition, you could paint your vehicle and do an amazing job for about $300 to $500. Also keep this in mind: More than likely you're going to take your 4x4 on the trail and scratch it up anyway. Maybe you are building a buggy and would just like to paint the sheetmetal panels. it's really no big deal, just paint it! We'll get you started with the basics-it's up to you to do the best job you can and make a masterpiece out of that jalopy.

A. HvLp spray gun with regulator.
B. Flat-faced sanding board (hand file).
C. Wet-sanding sponge block.
D. Body filler applicators.
E. Dolly for bodywork.
F. Chemical degreaser and cleaner.
g. nason paint catalyst/hardener.
H. nason paint.
I. Body filler. use a good quality body filler, not the cheap stuff.
J. thinning the paint requires use of virgin acetone. Do not use the lacquer thinner or acetone you find at the hardware store.
K. Seam filler. this is a flexible, paintable material used to fill seams.
L. Wet or dry sandpaper. you will need 36-grit up to 1,500.
M. Compressor (not shown).


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