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Gen Right Jeep Roll Cage - Rollcage In A Box

Posted in How To: Body Chassis on July 1, 2009 Comment (0)
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The Best safety equipment you can add to your 4x4 is a well-designed and properly installed rollcage. A plethora of quality bolt-in and weld-in cage kits is available, some of them good and some lacking the basics of safety design. When selecting a rollcage it's important to keep in mind that you are installing safety equipment that might save your life. Why cut corners?

Looking at rollcages for our Scratch Built Scrambler, we had considered numerous bolt-in and custom-fabbed weld-in designs. We found that there isn't a complete cage kit available for a full-length CJ-8 that doesn't utilize the factory rollbar. But we didn't want to use a factory rollcage because it's so massive. We also didn't want to sacrifice safety, so we decided on a complete weld-in rollcage from Gen-Right Off Road.

Gen-right doesn't offer a cage specifically for the CJ or the Scrambler, so we had to improvise with a YJ kit and fabricate rear extension tubes to fit the factory length of the tub. These kits are well designed and easy to assemble, and if your welding skills are spot-on, then you won't have a problem installing one of these cage kits. With some additional fabricating, these cage systems would probably fit in other vehicles as well. We employed the help of Off-Road Evolution, since the shops team has a full crew of experienced cage and chassis builders.

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7. The key to a structurally sound rollcage is good tight joints. If there are large gaps between the two pieces of tube that are being welded together, then the joint won't be as strong. The joint shown here is perfect, and it will easily accept a proper weld. Also, while fitting the cage in the vehicle, tack the tubing together first. Once the rollcage properly fits in the vehicle, all the joints can be fully welded.

8. We are ecstatic with the way the cage turned out on the Scrambler. It not only looks sporty, but we don't have any doubts it will give us the safety we are looking for. Using the Gen-Right rollcage kit saved us a day or two of fabrication and gave us about three-quarters of the material we needed for this custom installation. Once we calculate where the front seats will be mounted, we'll weld in another center crossbar with safety harness mounting points.


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