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Eastwood Thermo-Coustic Sound Deadener

Door With Eastwood Sound Mat
Posted October 1, 2011

E-Z Upgrades: Quiet Your ride

Ever get out of your rig after a long day on the trail just absolutely exhausted and can’t figure out why? While driving might seem like easy work, it really takes a toll on your body. Distractions such as heat, noise, and fumes just add to driver fatigue. And let’s face it. Most of our 4x4s are loud, hot, and smelly.

While there’s not much we can do about the smell besides patching holes or making your buddy walk the trail, we can do something about the noise and heat. Eastwood, the company known for bodyworking tools, has just introduced a line of noise- and heat-suppression aids called the Thermo-Coustic Barrier. The barrier is a 0.060-inch-thick butyl rubber material that is bonded to a high-performance aluminum facing and that uses a high-tack adhesive to stick to the various surfaces on your vehicle.

We measured the sound levels inside our 4x4, which is equipped with a rollcage and has loud exhaust and creaky multilink suspension with noisy bypass shocks. Before applying the Thermo-Coustic Barrier, we measured 96 dB of noise inside the cab at highway speed and 100-plus dB while passing or accelerating. Then we applied the noise-deadener to the door panels and floor boards of the truck. Want to know how well it worked? You have to visit to find out! 


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