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AMP Research BedStep For Jeep Wrangler JKs - Reaching Higher

Amp Research Jeep Jk Step Installed
Dan Sanchez | Writer
Posted February 12, 2014

Installing the AMP Research BedStep Trail Series Step

Jeep Wrangler owners often complain about straining to reach up and secure the vehicle’s soft-top, or when loading gear into a roof-mounted cargo rack. These are a couple reasons the new AMP Research BedStep Trail Series step was designed to mount under the Wrangler’s bumper, providing a solid platform that safely allows easier access to the top of the vehicle.

The AMP BedStep for Jeep features a high-traction composite step-pad that’s big enough for two large boots, and is easily deployed by pushing it down with your foot. When not in use, the step tucks up underneath the Jeep’s factory (and most aftermarket) bumpers. A precision spring-loaded cam mechanism keeps it in the stowed position and prevents any rattling or bouncing while off-roading.

Following the detailed instructions, the installation of the BedStep is straight forward, taking just under an hour to complete. The large step-pad is attached to the retractable arm, which features a durable black anodized and Teflon finish that resists corrosion. The assembly then attaches to a thick mounting bracket that allows the step to be bolted to four points under the Jeep’s bumper. AMP utilized existing bolts for the rear body mount and bumper, as well as one additional bolt and extension-nut that fits into an existing hole in the frame. Once installed, the BedStep tucks nicely under the bumper.

The AMP Research BedStep makes a great accessory for Jeep Wrangler owners who strain while reaching for gear or the vehicle’s soft top.

Driving the Jeep on rough terrain, the BedStep didn’t rattle or give any indication that it’s installed. Once it’s deployed, the BedStep definitely makes access to gear in a roof-mounted cargo rack or reaching the soft top much easier, especially on a lifted Jeep. In addition, the solid non-skid pad simply feels safer, especially if your boots are wet, sandy, or covered in mud.

No matter if you have a stock Wrangler or a serious weekend toy, an accessory like the AMP BedStep is one that could ultimately get more use than your spare-tire carrier or winch.

Step By Step

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  • 1. Using the bolts provided, the bracket attaches to the arm.

  • 2. The large step-pad is attached to the bottom of the retractable arm.

  • 3. The assembly mounts up under the driver’s side of the Jeep Wrangler. One of the attachment points uses an extension nut inserted into an existing hole in the frame, so the bracket can be secured here without drilling.

  • 4. Another attachment point makes use of the Jeep’s existing body-mount nuts and studs.

  • 5. The BedStep is inserted into position under the bumper.

  • 6. The bolts are inserted to secure the BedStep mounts to the frame and the body mount studs.

  • 7. AMP also uses an existing bolt on the Jeep’s rear cross member for the factory rear bumper.

  • 8. Once installed, you can see how the BedStep tucks up nicely. It can be used with the OEM and most aftermarket bumpers.

  • 9. When deployed, the BedStep provides a solid platform for accessing the top of the Jeep much easier.

  • Large enough for two big boots, the BedStep makes it much easier to reach cargo in roof racks or when removing and reinstalling a soft top.


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