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Jeep Cherokee XJ Door Upgrade - Modern Door Swap

Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted January 1, 2009

Low-Buck Cherokee Upgrade

If you have ever taken an XJ door off, you know of the complex pliers, Torx bit, curse-filled removal that happens. Unless you have a Torx bit that doesn't normally exist and is the perfect length to reach the bolts but not too long to hit the door opening, you are in for an interesting time. Nonetheless, when you finally get the bolts all loose, and the last couple holding the door on, get a friend to hold the door while you remove them. It will save the fender in the long run.

OK, look, we realize that this isn't an XJ in the lead picture. But the doors that we used came from a four-door XJ, and this upgrade works the same for an XJ as it will for this '92 MJ.

What we did was make our MJ more secure, more comfortable, safer and more watertight with $100 and a day's worth of wrenching with hand tools that we had laying around, and you probably do too.

We got a pair of doors from a '97 Cherokee we found in the junkyard and bolted them up and wired them in our '92 Comanche for basically the purchase price of the doors: $100.

Bolting the doors up was the easy part. If you have even one good eye, a Sharpie, and a tape measure you can do it. We had to wrestle with the wiring though, not only because we were going from a '92 to a '97 setup, but because our MJ was manual doors, locks, windows and mirrors, and our donor was power everything and even had heated mirrors. So, follow along to see how to get the doors on the Jeep and wire them up while making your Jeep all kinds of better in the process.


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