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Hella Rallye 4000 Compact Off Road Lights Install - Light Up Your Life

Posted in How To: Electrical on September 1, 2002 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Hella

Nighttime trail expeditions are lots of fun. Whether your after-dark 'wheeling involves powering to the top of a monster dune or creeping along some nasty terrain in low range, there is something about doing it at night that adds a whole different element. However, to navigate safely after the sun goes to bed, you are going to need a bit more light than your headlights can provide. Luckily, installing an auxiliary set of lights is a fairly easy process that only takes a couple of hours at the most. Follow along as we throw on a set of Hella Rallye 4000 lights to provide us with all the light we need.

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Know Your Beam
The most important consideration when choosing a light, besides quality, is beam pattern. We chose the Rallye 4000 light in the Euro beam application because it throws a wider pattern when compared to the pencil-beam pattern (see accompanying photos). The Euro beam still throws a ton of light, and while this is great for running the dunes and high-speed derbying, it's a bit much for low-speed trail work, as it would burn out the retinas of the drivers of the next few vehicles ahead of us. A better choice for low-speed trail work would be Hella's Luminator, which actually uses the same housing as the Rallye 4000, but sports a lens with more fluting to throw a wider and shorter pattern of light. The best of both worlds would be a set of Luminators and a set of Euro beams. To help make selecting the right light easy, Hella makes a very informative poster of its lights and be---am patterns so you can choose the proper one.

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Hella Inc.
Peachtree City, GA 30269


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