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June 2010 Safe Wheeling

Posted in How To: Electrical on June 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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In the last 20 years, pickup trucks have come a long way in terms of comfort, reliability, and safety. Innovations such as antilock brakes, vehicle stability control, and in more recent years, integrated trailer brake controllers and even factory exhaust brakes on diesel models have resulted in a much safer on-highway experience for end-users-especially for those of us who tow often. But one very important part of the towing equation has remained virtually unchanged for more than 20 years. We are talking about the electrical connection between the trailer and the tow rig.

This is the new EZ Connector wiring setup. It was designed to save time and keep you and others safe on the road. Essentially, the system uses a strong magnet mounted in the center of each plug end in conjunction with spring-loaded brass contacts to ensure a trouble-free connection between the tow rig and the trailer. The non-corrosive contacts feature stainless-steel springs to keep the pins pressed together firmly whenever the plug ends are together. With this setup, lights and brakes work every time regardless of environmental conditions such as water, snow, ice, or mud. Two large O-rings seal out contaminates and make the connection completely waterproof. Unlike other popular connection methods, the EZ Connector will not break or fail if the cord is accidently pulled apart while in use.

Most connections supplied with new vehicles and trailers today feature a grouping of four to seven electrical circuits arranged in a connector plug that is manufactured with thin cheap plastic and offers little or no margin for safety. When you stop and think about it, your safety as a driver and the safety of those around you on the road, let alone the safety of the load you are transporting, is 100 percent dependent on the reliability of a $20 plastic plug.

If the plug fails and the connection is lost, you lose braking as well as the ability to communicate to other drivers about what you intend to do. This scenario can easily result in a collision, or worse. We have no idea why cheap plastic interfaces have become the accepted standard, but we feel compelled to change it. As such, we did a little investigative work and found a solution that we think could change the way we think of trailer connections.

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