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Tire Test

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Some free-wheeling hubs don't leave much room for getting to the lug nuts, but the Rotary Torque Sensor does fit on a GM. Better yet, the sensor's 4-inch length combined with a deep socket eliminated the need for an extension, making the torque reading for the lug nuts accurate for a change. Normally we use an extension, which you're not supposed to do with any torque reading instrument as it alters the value. It's obviously OK to use extensions between the sensor and ratchet, which is a big advantage of the Torque Meter. Also, the length of the ratchet or breaker bar can be varied to your liking, but you'll always need both hands on the ratchet with this setup. It would be great if the Torque Meter could be used with an impact wrench, but predictably, the instructions specifically say not to. Oh, and that you need to wear eye protection. No surprise there, either.