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Testing Panasonic's Off-Road Stereo

Panasonic G Tech On Tire
Cole Quinnell | Writer
Posted March 1, 1999

Bounce Proof Jams

When it comes to off-road stereos, there are two distinct and opposite schools of thought: radios don't belong in 4x4s versus you gotta have tunes. For those in the gotta-have-tunes group, there is nothing more aggravating than hitting the dirt and having to turn off the stereo because the CD is skipping all over the place.

Along comes Panasonic with one of those why-didn't-we-think-of-that ideas. Its G-Tech All-Terrain Audio CD player has a 10-second memory built in so your ears have no idea when the CD is skipping-all you hear is continuous music.

We're known for being skeptical, so we ordered a G-Tech and installed it in a reasonably rough-riding 4x4 for off-road testing. It didn't skip. Not once. We weren't surprised when it handled rockcrawling and sand, but it took on rough washboard without a hiccup. It played on even over really rocky sections tackled at speeds greater than normal for a minute straight.

We were impressed, and we noticed several features that make the deck even more beneficial for an off-roader, such as larger-than-normal buttons, a remote, and a concealed CD load slot. If you gotta have tunes, then you gotta check out this deck.


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