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Glass Fuse

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Another way to do it is to add an auxiliary fuse and connect your accessories after that. However, if you go to your parts store and ask for an auxiliary fuse block, what you will most often end up with is something like this. These are fine for stereo systems in Hondas, but for Jeeps, a bit less so. The big glass fuse does its job well and most of these are waterproofed, but when you blow the fuse the problems start. When the fuse blows, you need to have pliers handy because the glass often breaks and you will get cut trying to take the fuse fragments out. Also, those spares you tossed in your console a couple of years ago? Yeah, they are probably broken, too. And finally, while you are monkeying around with some thing or another, the lead coming from the battery is unprotected and has power—nothing like sparking from a short circuit while bleeding and digging glass out of your fingers.