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Circuit Breaker Installed

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It’s Better Breaking
After the glass fuse debacle, we moved over to this solution. This circuit breaker is also from the car stereo world, but we’ve had great luck with them and run them in several Jeeps to date. They are commonly available in 100, 140, 200, and 250 amperages, but we usually use the 100 amp-rated model. Bussmann is a common manufacturer, but we’ve used all kinds. As long as it looks like this, you should be good to go. They are waterproof, provide a good place to hook accessories, and also provide a convenient way to isolate your Jeep from anything you might have added (useful on newer Jeeps with otherwise stock electrical systems). Plus, there are no annoying spare fuses needed. If it trips, find the short, fix it or remove it, and push the lever back in.