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Randy's Electrical Corner - LED Taillights

Posted in How To: Electrical on September 19, 2007 Comment (0)
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Hi, kids, I am Randy. Not Randy as in Austin Powers' favorite saying-"I'm randy, baby"-but my name is Randy. It is a shortened form of Randolph. Anyway, the wise editors of this magazine thought I might have something to add to this great book and gave me this page to help explain some electrical stuff.

Seeing as how there is a story in this issue about LED taillights ("Death to Filaments," page 46), I thought I'd talk about how to make them work correctly. Well, that is, they work good. Why else would you put them in your Jeep? What I am talking about is making them flash right.

I am not talking about flashing like when Crab Man was telling us about his days back in the big city and that weird guy in the trench coat, I am talking about when the light goes on/off/on/off/on. You know, like when you use your turn signal or hazard lights.

See, the thing is, the LED has less resistance than a regular lightbulb. And that's a good thing because it lights up faster, but it means your Jeep now signals like it is on a 48-hour Mountain Dew caffeine kick.

Not to worry though. I talked to some of the truck drivers down at the Crab Shack and picked up some pointers on how to make the new LED lights flash at the normal speed.

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