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Jeep HID Headlight Install - Daylight At Night

Posted in How To: Electrical on January 1, 2009
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This is what is included in the ElectroSport kit. We added a pair of glass and metal Hella Vision Plus housings from 4Wheel Drive Hardware because the plastic housings we had were crap.

Ever since we started on our '98 XJ, we wanted better headlights. The stock headlights just didn't cut it. So, we upgraded to H4 style replacements which were better, but still left us wanting more.

Instead of a tiny wire that emits light when it heats up, a High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb features a tiny glass ball filled with Xenon gas and two electrodes. An electrical arc (50,000 volts) turns the gas to plasma. At this state, the plasma radiates light in the spectrum of 4000k (same frequency of sunlight) but draws just 35 watts (about 3 amps). Also, the light output of an HID bulb is higher than a Halogen bulb. Look at any newer BMW or Mercedes sedan. HID bulbs offer less current draw with more light output, and no fragile filaments to break while wheeling.

The big problem that we kept running into when looking for an HID conversion kit is that most kits don't offer a high beam. Sure, the light output is better, but if you were blasting down a fire road, or driving somewhere with no street lights, high beams aren't a luxury, they are a necessity. The HID conversions that do offer high beams use a Halogen high beam and an HID low beam. What is the point of spending the money and doing the install for a high beam that is the same as what is already in the Jeep?

Enter ElectroSport Industries Dual HID kit. Unlike most HID conversion kits, both the high and low beams are HID. And, if that wasn't enough, unlike every other H4-sized bulb on the market, when the high beams are engaged, the low beam also stays on for even more light output.

The kit installs easily with no soldering or cutting into the factory wires required. The stock headlight circuit is used to turn on the ElectroSport HID kit. Included wires run to the battery and actually provide the power to light the HID elements. The hardest part of the install is finding somewhere to mount the ballasts and starters. After that, we adjusted the aim of the lights to avoid blinding oncoming drivers and are finally happy with the output of the headlights on our Cherokee.

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The Pattern
Due to the way the light actually comes off an HID bulb, a headlight housing meant for a Halogen bulb doesn't provide as concise a pattern with as defined of a horizontal cutoff.

By placing the two HID elements on one H4-shaped bulb, ElectroSport Industries has managed to overcome some of the inherent limitations of putting an HID bulb in a Halogen housing.

So, while the pattern suffered somewhat, thanks to the design of the bulb, we still ended up with useable high beams and, as the lead photo shows, way more light output than even replacement H4 bulbs offer.


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