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July 2009 Randy's Electrical Corner LED Headlights

Posted in How To: Electrical on July 1, 2009
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It turns out that some of you guys out there actually read what I have to say. As surprised as I am that the editors of this magazine keep inviting me back and that some of you actually like the column (thanks for the fan mail!), but I was really surprised when a pair of LED headlights showed up in the mail.

Apparently this company,, had heard of my column and thought I'd like a chance to play with these lights. I am one of those people who need to have something in my hands and play with it in order to really get it, and I guess that this company gets that. I like LEDs, and I think we've been through all that, but I haven't even seen a new car that uses LEDs for headlights except for decoration, so I was shocked to get a pair in the mail from the company that makes the first set of aftermarket 7-inch round LED headlights for "evaluation"

I don't know what this "evaluation" is that they are talking about, but I decided I'd mess around with them and give you guys my hands-on thoughts about these cool lights. I'm happy to say I didn't shock myself even once, and even though there were no directions in the box, I wasn't even able to mess up this install.

The neighbors at Earl's old trailer have an old Jeep up on blocks, so I went over there with an extra battery, a cross screwdriver, and these lights to see what they were like. I am happy to be the first person to give you a review of these exciting new headlights.

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