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May 2011 Randy's Electrical Corner

Posted in How To: Electrical on May 1, 2011
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It turns out that they will let anyone into those trade shows. Well, if you have a magazine editor set it up beforehand, that is. I was able to get into the SEMA show and wander around. I walked around drooling for a few hours before I was really able to pay attention. That show is huge, and there are all kinds of cool things there to check out. I was wandering around when I heard, "Yes, this tape will seal anything." Immediately, I thought I'd found the perfect cross between electrical tape and waterproof shrink wrap so I followed the voice until I found this stuff.

This stuff is called Rescue Tape, and as soon as I got to the booth where it was, the girl behind the counter said it was self-vulcanizing. I thought it was kind of funny that a tape could knock itself out. Then I realized that it wasn't alive, or breathing, so even if it could do the Vulcan neck-pinch thing it couldn't get knocked out. Then she offered to wrap it around my finger so I could see what she was talking about and I got worried about it knocking me out. She assured me it wouldn't knock me out unless I wrapped it around my neck, so I let her do it. Around my finger, not my neck. After waiting a minute or so, I couldn't unwrap it from my finger. She had to cut it off.

I have heard and seen other tape that makes the same kind of claims, but until now I've never found anything that works so well. I've tried a bunch of them and always was disappointed when they didn't work. The Rescue Tape really does cure to itself, and it is a great alternate solution to sealing joints in your wires. If you forget the heat shrink, or you make a splice in an existing wire, you can seal it from the elements with Rescue Tape.

I talked a friend into letting me recreate the finger-wrapping thing for a photo. Note how much overlap I have on the Rescue Tape. The more you overlap it, the better it will stick to itself. For wires or in use as Band-Aids, a 1/4-width overlap is plenty. It also flexes better than duct tape does, so it makes for a better Band-Aid.

As it turns out, it also works better than regular electrical tape for resisting abrasion. I wrapped some around some wires going through a piece of metal. The wires were next to some other wire wrapped with electrical tape and the electrical tape was worn, but the Rescue Tape wasn't. Anyway, check out this stuff and some of its many uses.

Answers To Jeep Game From Page 72 1. he lower half of Mark's jacket is now one solid square 2. Mark's collar is all black 3. Mark's boots are now black 4. The Wrangler has a solid bumper 5. The Patriot's foglights are gone 6. One slot on the Liberty's grille is missing 7. Mark's now wearing mittens 8. The color on the lower part of Mark's sleeve is gone 9. Jeep is missing from the hood of the Grand 10 The driver side mirror is gone on the Wrangler 11. The Grands' mirrors are now black 12. The defrost on the Grand's windshield is now on both sides 13. The Liberty's driver side mirror is now round 14. One ski lift chair is now gone 15. The top of the chimney behind the Wrangler is gone 16. The house in the background behind the Wrangler has no windows 17. The tallest tree between the Grand and Compass is shorter 18. There are now additional visible trees behind the Wrangler 19. The skinny trees behind Mark are gone 20. One cable on the lift is missing

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