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September 2011 Randy's Electrical Corner

Led Lights Installed
Randy | Writer
Posted September 1, 2011

Get The LED Out

Somehow I have gotten some kind of reputation in the off-road world. I’m not sure what that reputation might be, and maybe I don’t want to know. What I do know is that when a company calls me up and asks if I want to test new LED driving lights, I am all over that.

You guys know all about me and loving LEDs. No filaments to break and if they are mounted to the circuit board right they are dang-near shock proof. If you seal the housing correctly, they are also waterproof. Truck Lite has been testing over 100,000 LED headlights with the U.S. military for the last four years and recently released a 12-Volt version for us to use. As you might imagine, the Hummers and other military trucks have been all over the world, from Alaska to Afghanistan and loads of other places, too. These lights have been tested in some of the harshest environments around.

So, I really wasn’t sure what I could do to them that hadn’t already been done by the big green machine. I guess it’s kind of like when Joy would give me money to get ice cream. I didn’t care why she wanted me out of the trailer, I was only too happy to go. So, I agreed and a shiny new set of lights showed up at my door.

These driving lights are basically the same LED headlights that have been torture tested all over the world but all 10 LEDs come on at once. They are available with integrated or two-piece mounts and choice of spot, driving, or fog beam patterns. I didn’t have a Jeep to put them on, but I happened to know a teenager who just got a ’97 Wrangler and figured if a teenager couldn’t break them, they were going to be good to go. So far they’ve been on the Jeep for a few months now with no problems whatsoever.


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