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Cody & Kurt’s Electrical Corner

Posted in How To: Electrical on October 1, 2011 Comment (0)
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Cody & Kurt’s Electrical Corner

Normally when my friends call me up with electrical stuff going on, it goes something like this, “Hey, can you help me wire up this dang-blamed neon sign?” Or, “I accidentally hooked the Jeep directly into the wall outlet to charge it; can you help me fix it?”

This time was different. My bud Cody found a neat shifter indicator for his automatic Jeep TJ and asked me if I’d want to do a column on it. I’m not one for those slushboxes, but I like reviewing new stuff and seeing how it’s put together. So I told Cody I’d check it out next time I saw him. Turns out the thing is pretty neat, so I agreed we’d put our heads together and do a column on it.

The kit comes with the LED shifter indicator, the fancy shifter sensor, wiring, and a fuse all built in. The destructions are pretty good, but we decided to change a couple of things. At the time I wrote this story, the company who makes it, CLD Specialties, only lists a TJ as the Jeep it is available for. I think that it could be made to work for anything with a straight line automatic shifter and the company is full of good people, so they might just work with ya if you have a Jeep other than the one I just mentioned.

Well, when the time came to do the column, Cody’d got some rebar stuck in his foot or some such silliness, so when I showed up at his ranch, he called over our other buddy Kurt to help do the install. I told him I could do it, but he insisted I just take pictures and whatever notes I needed.

There were some good songs on the radio, but I didn’t have a tape recorder, and we didn’t actually bang our heads together so I didn’t take any notes or headache medicine. It was kind of weird not actually doing the wiring stuff and only taking pictures of it. I wonder if this is what the swimsuit photographers feel like. I could get used to this. OK, I might have helped a little and suggested a thing or two, but I still like to think taking pictures of pretty girls in swimsuits might be in my future. I am a photographer now with a resume and everything.

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