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Semptember 2012 Randy’s Electrical Corner

Stock And Msd Starter
Randy | Writer
Posted September 1, 2012

Let's Get Started

Trasborg is a big fan of sticking with things until they just keel over and die. He’s been complaining about the starter in his Cherokee not working so great for a couple of years, but since it always got the job done, he stuck with it. So, when MSD Ignition contacted Hazel and Hazel put them in contact with me, I knew we had a winner.

You might be confused about why a company known for its ignition parts could solve Trasborg’s starter problem. Well, you see, that is because the company is adding to its APS Starter line. MSD contacted Jp to find any Jeeps with a 4.0L HO engine for test fitment of the new starter. Since Hazel knew that I love messing with new electrical stuff, I was the natural go-to guy.

I could tell you about how it’s me, Randy, but hopefully you realize that already. Besides I’d really rather tell you more about the APS starter. The APS line features a winch-like 3.5 horsepower-rated motor. That motor abuses a 4.4:1 gear reduction for easier starting of even the most hard-to-crank engines like the one in Trasborg’s Cherokee. The motor’s armature and the pinion are both ball-bearing supported (no cheesy bushings here) for longer life. Cheese is yummy but not good for bearings. This starter will fit any 4.0L-equipped Jeep, as well as ’88-and-up 4.2L-equipped Jeeps, excluding ’03-and-up Wranglers with the four-speed automatic transmission.


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