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November 2012 Randy’s Electrical Corner

Led Lights
Randy | Photographer
Posted November 1, 2012

Light Of Awesomeness

I am trying to get away from reviewing products for this column. I mean let’s face it, I’m not the brightest guy and I don’t even have a Jeep. Unless I borrow someone’s Jeep, I can’t really review anything. And even then, I’m not the one using it, it is the guy who’s Jeep I borrowed who gets to try out and abuse the new stuff.

Then I heard about Truck-Lite’s new LED headlights. I’ve been planning a way to steal, er I mean borrow, the old-style Truck-Lite LED headlights that Trasborg has had in his M-715 for a couple of years now. He likes them, they are nice and bright, and they draw almost no power. So when these new ones came out, I really wanted to get a hold of them. But really, how many LED Headlights can one guy look at? Not only that, but how many times do you, the most awesome magazine readers in the world, want to read about it?

So I was sad, but I told the Truck-Lite people I didn’t want to test them for the company. I said I’m sorry, but I don’t want to bore my readers with too many light things. Plus, the tests make my eyes hurt.

Then, late one night in Moab, Utah, I got to see them in action. Not only see them in action, but see them side-by-side on the same dark road against the older versions. The beam pattern was better than the ones Trasborg had either on low- or high-beam. They looked more like a normal headlight than the old ones and when they came out, came out at a lower price than the when the old ones came out. All good things, in my book.

So, I broke down. I ordered two pairs; one rectangular and one round. I figured I’d try them out in every Jeep I could. Let Trasborg try to break them. Put them in use both on- and off-road for as long as I could before writing this article. Well, the day has come. I’m convinced. Read on, friends.


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