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154 1303 03 March 2013 Randys Electrical Corner Upright Winch Internals

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Here’s a look under the hood of an old upright winch that has power-out and power-in. The way it works is that two of the solenoids are activated and send power to the motor for power-in, and the other two are activated for power-out. If they aren’t used fairly frequently, water can work its way into them and corrode the contacts to the point where they won’t work anymore. I’ve been talking about losing power-in because really, if you lose power-out, who cares? Just put it in freespool to pull the cable out. Anyway, if you lose only one direction on the winch the easiest thing to do is take the output wire going to the motor and move it over to the other solenoid. If not, you can swap wires directly at the winch motor. Don’t get too hung up on which output wire does power-in and which one does power-out on this particular winch. Yours might be different. Basically what happens is the power goes through the closed solenoid, to the motor, through the armature inside the motor and