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April 2013 Randy’s Electrical Corner

Dual Usb Charger
Randy | Photographer
Posted April 1, 2013

Own The Outlet

This one time at band camp…sorry guys, I just had that movie on my mind. Wasn’t life easier before everyone had a smartphone in their pocket? Well, OK, maybe the smartphones make life more easierest, but with many of our old vehicles, it makes things more harderer. It’s as I always say, sometimes you gotta eat some caramel chocolates to get to the good stuff.

Way back when a lot of these things were built, you had to check a different box in the order form to get even one power outlet in the dashboard. Of course, back then it was called a cigarette lighter and came with this neat little device for starting fires. Oh, by the way, just because it looks like a tasty red candy doesn’t mean it is. Don’t do what I did, don’t try to eat it. Your tongue will thank you.

Oh, I’m sorry I’m getting off the subject. I was talking about phones. It seems like everyone has one today. Phones, tablets, electronic readers, iPods, there are just so many gizmos that people often have on them, near them, or own. It can be difficult to charge all the stuff that people own, especially in a Jeep with only one cigarette lighter.

Luckily I found the answer at Sierra Expeditions: a dual USB outlet from Blue Sea Systems (PN 1016). Now both you and the wife can charge your phones. And the installation is wicked easy. Check it out.


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